Why did the baby navel smelly?

The right way to take care of the baby

Navel birth within seven to ten days will fall off. However, if a small enclosed translation may appear navel smelly signs of infection, you should pay attention to.

1. Why did the baby navel smelly?

The newborn child with nutrients and oxygen through the placenta in the mother’s belly, attached to the city of the mother’s womb. She used a placental connection attached. After the birth of the child will be attached to mother shear connection.

The drying time and fell from 7 to 10 days, if you do not maintain clean sanitation, bacteria can give the baby navel infection caused by the invasion. The infection state will lead to the navel, the umbilical cord is a bad smell.

The baby’s navel smell may be manifestations of the disease.

If the signs of inflammation: navel small new odorization abscess and shedding, long inflammation performance, can be small navel. Fever, or cry. When your child should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide instead of tape, every day the best mother. The children to see a doctor for treatment.

If the baby navel: navel infection in neonatal falls wet with sweat, and after a period of time, swelling, pus, navel small can be infected. In serious cases, can let the children systemic edema, pneumoperitoneum and digestive disorders.

Gangrene: navel infection before or after the navel, she may have had a gangrenous navel. Symptoms of early fall phenomenon are small navel, swollen red to purple small navel small pus, sometimes with blood. In this case, I want to take her to the emergency room because the disease can lead to death.

Phlebitis: naval vessels including artery and vein, the two to help deliver nutrients from the mother to the child, the child are not angiogenesis after birth, you also need time to post and disappear. If you don’t clean the navel, bacteria can enter the blood in the heart, caused by infection the inflammatory state.

2. The baby navel smelly?

The navel cave will be part of the health and the umbilical cord from dry, clean liquid. Some children may have some new brown liquid, wet out before and after the navel. This strange taste, but you don’t need to worry too much if this phenomenon and the associated symptoms of swollen and red children had normal.

If a child does not fall off, part of the new navel smelly continuous secretion, translation and long dry my mother to bring the child to see a doctor, because she can in the infected navel.

3. How to give the baby navel health

In order to ensure the safety of the navel, I need to perform health measures, until the small navel off:

I want a small enclosed clean and dry. When you need to avoid folding diapers small navel. The kids and part of the flow, to prevent urine contact.

– boiling water cooling in her bath. Avoid wet wash small navel. Parents should not give children a bath because it is easy to let the navel in wet.

You should not be given to children, because the ice was secretly navel 100, promote the growth of bacteria damp.

If the weather is warm, the mother gave her clothes, let the navel outdoor part is thin, fast drying.

Don’t give children dress up.

Let the natural shedding navel.

Clean baby, I do not use alcohol navel. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that umbilical cord with alcohol cleaning. However, the researchers found that nature will make children more rapid healing of the navel and some risk of infection. On the contrary, you can use cotton dipped in water to clean the infected children. However, the end of my very gentle, not forced.

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