Wear gloves, 23 consecutive days of age, small freshmen must cut off the fingers

The girl must cut off the finger is in the line of succession gloves tight. I don’t know.

This is strange, she is 23 years old day, in my Chinese gangrenous finger, the reason from wool does not admit hand tightly, tighten the skin blood flow and congestion hurt heavy finger.

The little girl’s fingers must be cut in the inheritance of cut gloves is I don’t know (he mymalaysiannews).

You know your naughty child because he did not want to hurt me, so always wear gloves to give you the last seven days. The official assume that the child does not contact the dirty environment for gloves, so every day is not necessary.

Only when you see the unpleasant smell because the new mother refers to the minds of the dark. Mom strange immediately go to the hospital with her daughter, almost dead. “When I heard the doctor said she had a gangrenous finger cut must be serious, in order not to affect the life.

The doctor knows the cause of gangrene of finger, toe in young people admit that you were in the line of gloves wrapped in or do not know the tighter. Longtime blood circulation, injured skin contact.

In the cotton gloves wrapped tight, so that the excess hand was her strange gangrene.

In fact, there are about 34 children had a gangrenous finger in China every year, toes are negligent person. The same situation occurred in Henan Province in December last year (China) the two-month-old boy, must cut off the gangrenous leg because the hair to fall off your bag for a long period of time.

Know, this is called “hair tourniquet syndrome”, a rare occurrence in medicine or a hair fiber wrapped in any part of the body, can bite, to cut off and cut off the flow of blood to the skin.

Most parents think that wearing gloves to protect hands are young children, help keep warm on cold days. However, this is how to limit the child’s fingers. It will hinder the development of feeling, the young feel to touch the objects around.

Experts also suggested that parents should choose clothes, gloves, socks, give the child appropriate quality. Children need to be examined carefully before using the line, cloth wrapped in a foot bearing not young. In addition, you should pay attention to the reaction of the child crying, weaning, because it is likely that she would like to express to I know you hurt.

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