The story of the midwife bath small Festival: “because of the human lost child”

The new year is people spend the time with his family, however, for those who work to take care of the child after birth, they seem to have no rest day.

Take care of the child’s work requires careful, gentle, especially have the ability and the young love to bear. The new year when people crowded at the banquet, spent a lot of time to his family, to visit relatives to go, where there is also committed to “ignore their children to take care of you.”

This is the beginning of the story when I use the tools of Nguyen edge sharp Cashmere (Hanoi). In 2011, when you learn the professional midwife obstetric disease in Hanoi for more than a year, but I decided to establish a service to take care of newborn babies at home began to realize his dream is to go out.

“Seven years of work, two times, three years, my family did not understand, almost every year to run and not a day for two days, fighting again. The first year of the new year, I was only a year old, also let me give children a bath at home. The husband said the bad will not lock the car, I need to borrow the neighbor’s car to do “, but ng i is connected close your memory.

The first day, but I have to go through the neighbor’s car to go to work.

The new year is the people who spend time for family. However, for those who work to take care of the child after birth, they seem to have no rest day. This is because, in the work and responsibility, it is emotional for each new birth of life. However, there are many families do not understand, even one day, on the second day quarrel the couple because the work let the child leave their home, not worried about the guests, this is the most difficult for them.

Now your family understanding and sympathy, acknowledged as one of the work habits: “he is sympathetic? No one love. The job is not like other work smoothly, a few days cannot take a bath, but to avoid infection. Infection is the most important. So we cannot abandon such a new year is. Rest day, the children will be in the new year of the water flow, the new year a few days, people know the caller, so my maternal family.”

Share a memorial time in the work, but it is worth remembering Nguyen sister recalled: “when I put a small, but she has a fever phenomenon, my mother, her first bath and navel pus, mother was worried, she telephoned me. When is normal for her to take a bath, but also have a fever two days after hospitalization, 30 days, the doctor said that she is infected blood disease, but she still wanted to wash himself, also immediately followed her, two days to go to the hospital to help you take a bath on the new year. I am also very worried, but fortunately for their families. The children really need me, because they do not know how to deal with.”

She wanted to take a bath and the work is very simple, but it is difficult to do countless hours in the sun, the rain, the street is still to go, 365 days a year, 364 days, only one day of rest days is a festival only: “because they were born in the new year, so they cannot make things normal. Sometimes ill rest not by you do not want to change, you are an eagle, so cannot rest on the rest, if it is a sick day”.

If you are sick, but only one day of rest.

This is difficult, but there are also many families do not understand the “difficult customer, 5 minutes earlier, less than 10 minutes, five minutes late, you know that it is what kind of way, so many families are not at home. This difficult problem has been to take care of her navel.

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