The baby weight lazy slow, what should I do?

The correct method I B to take care of the baby m case

Lazy baby milk slowly, weight is a problem that many parents worry. Let us find out the reasons and methods to solve the problem.

For newborns, ensure the child enough weight is very important. When she is fat, she has proved absorption from breast milk or formula nutrition need enough. So, when the baby sucking mother weight lazy slow, to observe, discover the reason.

1. Why children infants lazy?

There are many reasons for neonatal lazy slow absorption, increased weight. This is the basic reason: let the children eat lazily

Suction incorrect posture: if you do not give the child the breast posture, the head is small, it is difficult to grasp the nipple, breast milk does not have to make her uncomfortable, so will refuse to nurse.

She may have health problems: her mother is fat and lazy when the disease is slow absorption, anti-Christian movement, ulcer, cold, runny nose, ear infection.

The supply of milk decreased when the mother does not provide enough milk for her, the child will not continue to meet, not interested in smoking.

Noise: – lazy children can absorb the reason of distracting noise or milk, interrupt.

Your response: psychological reaction and mother when the mother’s nipple bite is not correct. It shocked her, do not want to eat.

My mother nipple smells, lazy children can suck, because my vote Guaiwei is breast cream, cream of water, the scent of perfume… Her natural mother love… So I try not to use a strong smell of products.

– the milk tastes strange: mother’s milk nutrition pattern can affect the taste of milk. When you change you may not love her mother, do not want to eat.

2. How to help children love smoking

You can help your child love smoking method:

What should I know when hungry to eat with a little boy to her. When her mouth twitching, eyes turned to her that she would help her to feed the hungry. Child sucks more time.

When the feed you should increase intimate contact work, children and children’s skin comfortable and pleasant. When her mother loves milk.

You should try to eat different location to find the position of her most love.

– try to feed little time to sleep or sleep. If she refused to eat, she can love milk when sober, the mother was sleeping.

3. How to let the children eat well, weight

To ensure that children get enough sleep, eat and sleep enough to help the overall development of the child’s body and brain. When I was young, I should overcome the lazy milk, let the children get enough sleep time. From 10 to 2 in the morning is the time of growth hormone increased 4 times than is normal. So I should strive to create a good environment so that children can sleep time.

Time-sharing: regardless of the milk or milk formula milk sucking child reasonable mother, the mother also need to arrange for about 2 to 3 hours a milk. You should give small milk fat content in time because the milk will increase the mother’s lactation time.

– night to small cans of milk: feed at night will help ensure the quality of milk and body weight of children. So you should feed the child’s weight good night are taboo.

– improve the quality of breast milk: help baby to absorb enough nutrition quality assurance, mother’s milk. You should eat enough diversity, to provide a variety of vitamins, enough minerals to her. I also need to strengthen the rich variety of food ch C Miao, zinc, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E and folic acid.

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