Rent people use milk bath head newborn son, a month after the mother saw the panic

When the child was born lessee use milk bath head chest nipple swelling and let her give her a month.

These days, I’m not in use milk p.t.t milk diapers information from a Facebook account name of the nipple in the newborn child. The status line is as follows: “my chest swelling is like your mother, she is October 4th. There are a people born to hire a bath to create breast milk, now? Mother knows how to share, help me! “.

The state has attracted wide attention from me.

Share the child’s mother soon attracted my attention. Most people think that children do not see mom let people take a bath, you create your own milk to hurt you.

But a few are working and bathing of the people think that the rational part, because the concept of rent, that began to use milk girl child in the private sector, there will be a beautiful breast grow up.

At the start of use of milk nipple little girl grew up after you will have a beautiful breast?

Sharing site in her mother’s wisdom (Hanoi) at the beginning, when using the nipple milk girl just up the wave in the online completely is the foundation of the society.

“I was in the home Dole province said her family had heard a little girl growing up in the continued use of milk, the child will have a beautiful breast. Therefore, most of the children are born to do so. Previously, when mom, my little grandmother said: do not use milk in the head and chest, so now my mother’s breast ptosis of the new flow (laughs)”.

You know more “, this concept, passed down for generations, the little girl born mothers to use most of the milk nipple. However, in some cases, as occurs in the chest swelling. A number of local people also love with 9 tr u charcoal rogue in the warmth of the child’s chest pressure of new and repeated use of milk for three consecutive days.

The little girl began to use milk is completely wrong

The sharing of assets on this issue, Li’s gynecologist Jin Yong said: “your mother should not use milk on your nipples, just apply a little cream, waving it in pieces. The use of the concept, in the milk of the little girl, grew up to have a beautiful breast is completely wrong. When intentional interference head was born, the little girl may cause inflammation, injury to the children.”

The doctor said that the children of the increase are because of this phenomenon of some endocrine blood or placenta from the mother to the child to do genetic breast and genital diamond. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, a few days later, this phenomenon will disappear. The children grow up, have beautiful breast or bad body is free not completely, breast job creation decisions.

When any mother’s son was born also wish you health, beauty, hope you have a bright future. However, some habits are not the scientific base of the mother completely encourage this behavior may cause harm to the health of children, even after.

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