Not just pretty, head with dollars for infants as well as unexpected benefits

The young mother argue, has created a very severe social network sites on the belt for you new head?

With the dollar give you new and beautiful, but let her pain

Where, in a web page with a lot of social Mumsnet diapers mother add milk, the mother’s account D. H share stories, you will love the beautiful put on your head $newborn. However, your husband doesn’t love it, even when the anger you do for me. So, before the D H show, I really want to bring you the dollar, so whether it is harmful to health food for you?

The young mother state of the controversy caused very severe mothers in the community diapers milk. A gentle considering bring dollars for babies without any harm to health is to beautify the child.

“I think this is just a simple belt $help you pretty and cute, but it is not what can be condemned. “Your husband is ridiculous, a mother’s assessment.

“This should be used if the cloth tape spring can disturb her in dollars. However, she took the dollar is love, not too important”.

However, in addition, there is also the view that the left flow, work in the afternoon with dollars to her uncomfortable.

“A child I think the dollar will make the ice shelf feel uncomfortable. I don’t know what other people, I do not see your lovely because a big child will have better hair because hair covered part of the ice shelf $.”

“Very dangerous. I think so because if the dollar to your parents did not notice, a dollar can mouth in icy eyes, nose or throat. Could not imagine what will happen.”

“I think the old love children, but certainly not comfortable, feel what is in the bandage over his head. On the other hand, if the blood flow of the child’s head wearing long ice may hinder on. In addition, if a piece of spring ice, also more damage.”

In the end of the child’s head with the money? What is safe?

In fact, work to infant completely without risk of damage, if you use a smart way.

The attachment tape block beautifies the boy. In addition, there are ice shelf, the role of the dollar like a helmet good without a “complete”.

To ensure the safety belt for you, parents should pay attention to:

Material: material has many different pieces of ice plastic cloth, Thun. To help shape a dollar than the tape. The tape $a for the baby’s main material is soft, elastic ideal doesn’t squeeze a portion of the goods, not plump children. In addition, these materials can absorb sweat and cheerful.

– size: each baby first round is completely different. So, each child will have the proper size of a piece of ice is different. The tape too large a piece of useless goods is very easy to be kept warm and relaxed, and the boss’s eyes fell child. If the bandage too tight will make the scalp dollars, the child has difficulty. Therefore, the ice shelf is the most appropriate small block size, and he was not wearing down.

Texture actually annexes a piece of ice is not necessary. Therefore, to avoid the texture blocks, ice shelves to avoid cumbersomely, trouble is under the condition of the children left behind face.

Use time: take a dollar baby is the most suitable time to one hour in a few minutes. Or only child plays handsome wear. However, you can also stay at home but give you.

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