Neonatal jaundice is what you should eat, so I’m going to be sick?

Take care of the newborn was born, what to eat

The mother’s nutrition is important to help children, fast skin is after gold.

Jaundice usually occurs in children born of nonliver reasons did not develop, often have different blood type and blood group in the hospital the baby’s mother like a child.

Therefore, neonatal jaundice, is what you should eat to help me out of this state? This is a kind of food you should use:

1. Fruits

To prevent fruit on the body to help jaundice and toxic waste, you should increase your fruits such as pears, apples, grapes, pineapple, in every day’s rations. In addition, their fruit is orange, lemon also helps prevent pigment produced by the orange ribbon to the hospital in young skin.

2. water

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to help repel these toxins out of the body cause jaundice. In addition, you can use Coconut Juice instead.

3. Green vegetables

You should eat nutritious meals, with vegetables to help defeat the child jaundice. Not only that, food nutrition side, the mother also exercises regularly will have a healthy body.

4. Herbal medicine

These herbal tea dandelion-like grass, mint, Platycodon leaf or grass. Contains important material helps the body of toxic waste. You can use these herbs and transmitted to the baby through breastfeeding. This herb is helpful to the nature of this waste toxic small body more easily.

5. Wheat straw (wheat straw, grass circuit)

The water substance wheat grass help enhance the enzyme in the liver and liver function, help improve the orange pigment from the body. You should use at least 60ml wheat grass and water every day to small enough to pass through the breast. Often drink until jaundice faded.

In addition, children suffering from jaundice, the mother should also continue to breastfeed my child to help treat diseases and eliminate from the body of the child.

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