It is cold at 10 degrees Celsius, the children for a week to take a bath?

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I don’t need to take a bath, winter day to her newborn. However, you should not take too long time does not take a bath.

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In winter, the weather is easy to make children the dripping water freezes on the newborn with respiratory diseases. So many mothers often don’t want to give the child a bath. Especially in these days, the outside temperature dropped to 10 degrees below the levels of primary school students stayed at home to avoid the idea.

However, many mothers want to know if she’s cold, born a week does not take a bath? In the following article will answer my question.

1. The baby shower, so how many times a week?

You should wash the children 2-3 times a week. (picture)

The bath is a necessary work to make her clean and healthy newborn. However, you should not put me often because the child’s skin is very fragile and sensitive. Washing many times can make the skin not dry, chapped.

First wash for babies is 2-3 times a week. When the child grows up, you can increase the number of the bath.

2. It is cold, the baby does not take a bath for a week?

In the winter, especially cold time is prolonged to 10 degrees, the small newborn can be easily infected with the respiratory passage. So much I don’t want you to bath regularly. However, this view is completely wrong.

Their newborn The new supersedes the old. happening too fast. At the same time, she also went to the urination and defecation, so a lot of small skin will soon become dirty. So if you don’t take a shower, you give her a piece of impurities can cause inflammation of the pores, so that she is infected, which resulted from the lazy slow eating, I cry because the reason is big. When it is cold, you should not be a week to give the baby a bath once.

In winter, I can help you take a bath 2 times a week, to ensure the cleaning. It is important that I need to take a shower is not cold to him. The bath in the small room, heating or air conditioning room temperature is about 2829 degrees Celsius to ensure warmth.

In the bathroom, you should wash your hands, ready to wash two barrels of milk, two bath towels, scarves and gloves, warm clothes.

I can give her sister was born in winter’s footsteps: after

In the bath, mother holding the hands of children 10 to 15 minutes to warm transfer to her mother. Should not take a bath, she woke up, because the temperature is low. If it is easy to catch a cold bath.

He used a towel soaked in hot water to wash your face.

I quickly wash the body with small children has not been frozen, you need to pay attention to clean the pleat neck, armpits, and groin.

Then the hair dries after washing.

After the bath, her shawl covered her dry simmer. When her lips red back, slowly put the towel and her mother gave her clothes.

3. Pay attention to the baby shower, in the winter time

Don’t let the children sick mother need to pay attention to the following several methods in the winter when bathing:

I don’t need to take a bath in winter, her daily needs. However, your body health every day. You can use a hot towel to wipe her body. I need to pay attention to genital health little careful, very cold, the mother can give the baby a bath 2 times a week.

When I need to take a bath first note from the bottom up. Her mother washes feet, slowly to the mother to the child after washing hair.

When the mother wipes, wipe the soles and all the clothes for her to wear, while small pants together.

When the time is not more than two minutes in the shower threw her into the water.

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