I 9x sharing list, 32 small freshmen cannot lack you need to remember

Everybody knows to towel baby diapers and diaper, however, there are a lot of other things, do not know the mother for the first time.

The first mother, certainly a lot of people will want to know when the babies are born to what needs and their mother need what equipment soon after restoring the health of the child?

With these ideas, from Mabu to prepare for the son (27 years old, I made the manuscript – Hanoi) to refer to list their need and many books on mother-infant. This list to share you made the manuscript, including those who pay attention to quantity and quality.

Mothers can refer to this list, remember to take care of the children and thoughtful, more convenient:

Note: this list is relative in nature, depends on each child’s mother and newborn demand increase/decrease of products.

For the new baby products

1. (swaddle towel) 2.

2. Pseudopapillary two vehicles.

3. My bowl (a 2 car 1 car wash to wash my face, legs).

4. Baby diapers for $three.

5. The two bottles.

6. Hook hanging clothes.

7. Water washcloth.

8. Milk bath.

9. Towel milk 40.

10. Barrel, towel, towel (2 units each).

11. The thermometer (measuring ears to buy her an easy to use).

12. The thermometer to measure the temperature and humidity of the room – A.

13. Wet towel bag 10.

14. She is wearing a headscarf (triangle).

15. Thin hat, gloves, foot.

16. 70 alcohol health (not with navel).

17. Normal saline。

18. Thrush.

19. Cotton swab.

20. The cream, the value of.

21. Massage oil emulsion.

22. Milk (a wet clothes).

23. The milk storing bag, suction bottle storage of milk, milk.

24. Tuba long, round.

25. Nail scissors.

26. Rinse the bottle washing, the level of.

27. Vitamin D in children.

28. (bite toys for the gums, carpet, the chair is shaking, cotton).

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