From the 18 months of sudden infant death. Now, I need to learn how to play the child’s sleep warm towel

The right way to take care of the baby

18-month-old boy information in your sleep died suddenly covered by blankets in the face, let many parents worry. So, now parents need to know, to keep you safe.

The cold weather conditions to infants and children were frozen, the temperature is the deepest. This is why many mothers often use a towel, quilt to her multi-class keep warm when she was sleeping. However, the boy from the town of Gainsborough, an 18-month-old Lincoln, the UK due to suffocation, because of pressure on the face is a deeply to the parents in a blow and a shout, wrapped in towels, blankets to simmer, i.

From this, you need to pay attention to your child in a blanket of security:

A blanket to her chest level is not small, in order to avoid the child struggling will cover the blanket.

– put your hands on the surface of the blanket, under the blanket, in this case, afraid of her cold hands, you can wear gloves with a pillow or stop her (baby) on both sides of the arm.

Are a blanket and the size of the child, should not be too large to enter the small blankets. Should choose a child’s weight is not easy to be suffocating.

The use of certain products for children with market rigidity to ensure the sleeping bag warm and safe.

In addition, simmer to the safety of infants in the winter, you can also use the towel to the children according to the following procedures:

1. Choice scarf clothed her 40×40 cm in size

2. Put the napkin in a corner of the folded diamond and scarf (as if).

3. The little sister was born in the center of the scarf

4. Offhand and kill the child began to tie from one side of the finger

5. The scarf cross tie (not tied under hips.)

6. Next, put the towel at the bottom of the leg part (to) put on the small counter

7. The last remaining necktie and scarf (left oblique small) to create a shape of the difficulties and her small V

8. A small towel in a corner while continuing with his left foot combed back, Tibet cloth shoulder toward the small angle

9. Do the hard work for her. Check the time, to ensure that she does not wear too tight or liquid is applied on a more secure sleep

Repair is the ladder to the 18 point, I can teach, an officer of the bamboo – 10 idiots

Note that when these small difficulties:

– towel wrapped around the soft body and small size.

Do not wear too tight too loose or too small.

No, she puts on the scarf began to part of the blood circulation of small and easy to sleep asphyxia.

The technical difficulties of the right. If you don’t know how to need to consult the experts.

If she feels uncomfortable to stop in a difficult process, find out the reason.

The evening is best not to put on her scarf.

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