For the effect of the treatment of neonatal collecting, tank should not ignore me

Hiccup is a common phenomenon in the newborn. Many parents worry that their children are not yet hiccuped seriously affected, children. The process of hiccups usually hinders or interfere with breathing. In fact, many children can sleep well, even if there is a gap.

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However, if you want to give her a cure for hiccups after quickly, this is an effective treatment for burping.

Beat the child’s back

If the child is in the suction slot to feed you should stop to rest, then you can use hand rub or pat back. You have to do is gently and clearly. This will help the small burp, from the gap.

The use of fake nipple

Don’t always cause neonatal hiccups was milking. When he started hiccupping, the mother can let the baby suck the nipple off. It helps to relax the diaphragm, can prevent the phenomenon of hiccups effectively.

Give her a message

Back massage is an effective solution to help relieve the spasm of the diaphragm can not control. Mother let the children stand up, and then hand the baby from the shoulder back massage. A few minutes later she will from the trough.

Let the children’s portrait

The child can be reversed gastric belch free movement, so you can let the children stand up to help ease his hiccups. The doctor suggested that the children stand for about 30 minutes after dinner.

Let the children.

In the neonatal hiccup is due to muscle spasm, activate nerve from conflict. I can change your mental stimulation by letting children distracted toys. Small when mom started to give her love or love to play with toys and small toys for children to forget the pain.

Let the child rest and burp after

If the child is level should stop to feed their children to the nursing child, will help children relax faster hiccups.

The child may be full scale, so parents can help children reduce hiccup after a little milk. She patted the back of fire and the child by the hand, help children burp easily. This method can help limit. Especially in infants.

All my level

If not all success, she let her hiccup. Although it is hard to influence, not so much baby.

If she continues in a few hours or more levels of the day, let her go to the pediatrician to find out what is causing.

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