Children nasal wash with saline to avoid ear nose throat disease

Method for children with the saline nasal wash is effective, when children sinusitis translation, translation or translation especially in green, yellow…… The following is a nasal wash at home is based on my experience, I have milk diapers – ear nose and throat irritation.

How to wash the kids’ nose

What time to give children nasal wash with saline?

First of all, you must remember to wash the nose should not abuse children work. Often wash the nose, normal children, must wash many times to create a class of natural humidity and prevent dust in the pituitary sinus every day, but also increased the risk, caused by dry rhinitis nose.

Wash the kids’ nose used only, in this case, the child’s nose nose nose, flow especially the translation does not come out…… As a result of the mechanism of Otolaryngology is interlinked, so when the child – ear nose throat inflammation, doctor – guide you to your mother to wash his nose and medicine at home to help small lovely young, well soon.

If you want to keep your room respiratory with saline, every day should be small when mother gave me a few drops of nose health face, or when you’re in public access to small saline to wash.

Nose washing method of health support effective treatment of sinusitis, but is absolutely right to wash the nose, do not abuse.

Experience is not plus saline

The reason, because it is easy to take the wrong dose. It is best to buy on the nose with several medicine saline 0,9% health professional.

Should buy professional nasal wash tools in the pharmacy, because when the pump pressure than salt nose.

In this case, the parents of the child’s nose, washed many times, know the pump pressure, the water can be used to nose cylinder head is round, a small bottle of 10ml salt…… Let the children directly sniffle.

Wash the kids’ nose is how not infection, otitis media

This should give children nasal wash 3 times/day. On technology.

– washed with saline (saline bottle of warm Heat soaked in warm water, 40 degrees).

– wash nose when young.

– wash nose before meals for children to eat, because after washing can make children especially tender.

The doctor gave the child how to wash the nose?

Method 1: the child side (usually for children don’t know sitting)

The child lying on the table or bed. Let my ass low, high, hands keep a young and gentle struggle in the head to avoid possible damage in the process of washing the nose.

– underwear, towels barrels of thick head and neck below the flow out of the water to seep into the young.

If the new child choking nose is lighter, loosely translated, parents can be cleaned. Translation in the special case of the nose, the nose, small nose, while 2-3 drops of salt, a time of seawater immersion, gently one-day small nose to rust in a soft.

The mouth into the brine head circle over the nose-buckle quickly, but not too strong, in the water and salt to melt slowly on the other side of the nostrils. The translation and the nose can be coerced to the bottom hole flow saline rust.

– nose, with a soft towel and gently wipe the child’s mouth, comfort me for a few minutes before the small side while washing the side opposite nostril. How to do the same thing.

If the nose is too special, cannot be translated out of the water, you can use the tool to draw the nose of the children. However, parents should not often use the instrument, because of pressure, easy to cause the injury of the nasal mucosa.

– Smoke wash, until melted in the watercolor, no nasal pituitary disease.

Method 2: let the children sit down (when children sit)

Let the child sit down, avoid risk or young translation choked nose backflow caused by inflammation of the ear.

How to wash it at the same time, the children around you.

Nasal wash with saline treatment, the first step is to give you the ear nose and throat irritation. Clean your nose is a doctor of Medicine

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