Causes of neonatal hiccups are: why?

As an adult, the infant can burp. In fact, she is likely to begin before birth. The baby is very different to cause hiccups. In some cases, can let the child hiccups uncomfortable or even endanger the lives of children. So I must find the reason and exact treatment. When the baby is obtained.

Included in this paper:

Is the cause of neonatal hiccups

The baby was a level expression

The treatment method for baby hiccups

Is the cause of neonatal hiccups

Causes of neonatal hiccups can have many different reasons. The following are some common reasons.

I swallowed more air

Hiccups may appear small cry or after eating. This is the children usually eat a lot of fresh air. Click is an effective method to help reduce the hiccups. Children are often mother’s grandmother’s children will swallow some hiccups, because of the air in the suction.

– stomach movement

The child’s digestive system is not perfect, so the stomach movement can let the child have the gap. However, when the children grow up, this phenomenon will be weakened.

– too much suction

Baby burp often sucked too much too fast. The children can be in the process of eating even after eating hiccups.

Allergic reaction

The baby may be allergic to some of the proteins in milk formula or breast milk, therefore cause esophagitis phenomenon, let the children have a gap. Change your diet may also cause allergic children in mother’s milk.

– you have asthma

Asthma control air into the lungs. It can lead to spasm of the diaphragm movement, let the children have a gap.

Change of temperature

A sudden change in temperature was also is caused by the small groove.

The baby was a level expression

Hiccup is a normal physiological phenomenon, common in infants. The frequency will decrease when the small gap is even greater.

From 2 to 3 months of age children, will reduce the most obvious, when the child is one-year-old child can be from 2 to 3 minutes, the slot will automatically leave. In addition, there can be many times, at the beginning of the day lies in every child. You don’t need to worry too much because it is usually small when my level is not much impact on children’s health.

When the baby is for hiccups

In some cases can make a little hiccup vomiting, so I can apply the method to reduce her hiccups after:

– let him stand up.

If the cause of gastric motility is that she is her mother should keep a straight groove, about 30 minutes after eating. This will help reduce the small groove of a heart.

Give her a message

Gently massage can help relax muscles, but also reduce the child from the diaphragm spasm. You should let the children stand up, with the child on the shoulder and gently patted her hand from behind.

Click on your back

Small when my mother patted belch can also be in the back of the child. This will help the child hiccups, stomach movement, prevent reversal effect.

I cover my ears and light two

When the baby is two with two levels of the mother, finger cover baby ears in about 30 seconds, then release, can be repeated 2-3 times. This way can help children quickly burp. However, attention should be paid to the mothers carefully and gently, do not hurt the child to do so.

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