Baby mama or burp, how should I do?

Hiccups usually occur in children under the age of 1 are usually harmless. However, sometimes can make multi-level children especially difficult breathing and vomiting. So I need to know how to reduce child hiccups.

Hiccup is a common phenomenon in the newborn. However, many mothers worry that when children feel stop hiccups. Let us work together to find ways to child hiccups are effective.

1. Is the cause of neonatal hiccups

Hiccup is very common, in the newborn. Even being her first slot, are still in the mother’s belly. The following are the most common causes, or burping:

Gastroesophageal reverse motion

Gastroesophageal reflux motions on gastric motility in gastroesophageal reflux liquid movement all. When the newborn babies have lower esophageal sphincter, free flow reversal stop move food stimulation and sour food, diaphragm vibration will lead to cause economic nerve cells in the lead to hiccup.

– too much suction

When the full dilatation of the stomach is too small. This sudden expansion, abdominal spasm made him from neonatal diaphragm or gap.

I swallowed more air

When the child suck the small pot, can swallow too much air, compared to grandma’s strong, from normal mother. Air cause similar symptoms, such as eating too much, bulging belly will cause hiccups.

Allergic reaction

She may be allergic to some milk protein formula milk, mother and even lead to esophagitis. This phenomenon may also result in neonatal hiccups.

– asthma

If the child has asthma. Bronchial tube, your child will be inflamed, thus limiting the air flow into the lungs, the causes of stridor is lack of exercise, leading to expansion of the diaphragm so that children have the hiccups.

Environmental pollution

Neonatal respiratory sensitivity. So the stimulation of the air like smoke, odor pollution, can make her cough. Many times they diaphragm pressure will make it vibration cause hiccups.

Change of temperature

Sometimes the temperature drops the contraction of muscles, causing the baby hiccup.

2. How to deal with neonatal hiccups or by

When a small method can be applied by the parents level, help children from the:

Massage her back

This is a valid measure to reduce in the slot. The sitting straight, gently touching the child’s back, in the round. You can put your hands on the child’s belly rub light but need to ensure that the child lying on a soft cushion. Please give her a message, do not use too much force. This work can make the diaphragm spasm, reduce from reducing hiccups.

– let the children stand up after eating

Mother let the children stand 15 minutes after eating will make the diaphragm position is natural. You can also pat gently on the back and let you burp. This will allow your diaphragm to relax from reducing the gap.

Let him off

When children have children playing games or distraction slot with a child’s love of toys. Hiccup is due to muscle spasm, activate nerve from conflict. Through the change of nerve stimulation or let the child distraction massage can alleviate the hiccups.

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