14 rules to protect the baby’s mother need to memorize

The newborn baby is fragile, vulnerable, threatened by many dangers is different.

About 73% children in the mother of 1 year old children are usually in bed items such as blankets, pillows, specimens, this is very dangerous, because a small increase in the risk of suffocation.

So mom need to know 14 rules to protect babies here:

1. Don’t let any unnecessary things on the small bed

You should not place unnecessary things in her bed. (picture)

Mothers usually think the child is still small, so can’t move in a cage. However, this is not accurate. When the child can turn on the roll, let these things suffocation in a cage.

So I would not put all the blankets, pillows unnecessary small cages. This work can help reduce the risk, because of the sudden death by suffocation.

2. Toilet paper core inspection of children’s toys

Although many governments to prevent the risk of selling toys for children under the age of three asphyxia, but I also should check carefully, to ensure the safety of the children.

The secret of mothers choose toys for children, put the toy in the hollow core c n toilet paper. If the toy, it may be trapped in the little girl’s carcass, if she accidentally swallowed. It is better for you to put all the toys.

3. Never give up their children

You should pay attention to all the places, she never let her alone. The newborn is not mature, it is easy to encounter many dangers are different. Follow the small case will help ensure the safety of children. Here you can in the control room of children.

4. In the safety of their children

All the furniture has a lot of potential danger. There are a lot of furniture, can put the child’s mouth. Sharp corners, can let the child be hurt. The object of porcelain, glass can be broken when the naughty child. So you need to ensure the safety of the house and a small way to keep you from dangerous hand tip, the wrap angle of the chair……

5. Be careful in your food to her

When she was six months old, you will be very interested in, give the child weaned mother. However, the need to pay attention to when to introduce her new food. A food can let the child have allergic reactions, including milk, egg, peanut, seeds, shells, fish, soybean and wheat.

Therefore, doctors recommend that parents should give their children to eat a little. For children to eat the same food in 4 to 5 days after the taste of different foods. In this way, children will develop a variety of food taste different.

6. Need food and hot milk

Let the warm food, I need to prepare a bowl of hot water. You should not use the microwave oven, because of sudden changes in temperature may be harmful to children. In addition, you also need to ensure that the food is not too hot for children. The milk can be as small as a few drops of hands, to ensure the moderate temperature.

7. Use safe baby cradle

First of all, I need to give her a cradle for the selection of suitable and safe. I should not put unnecessary things in her cradle. They will increase the risk of smothering her.

The two rule is to put the child lying on the bed. She will find their own position, comfortable sleep. The most appropriate is young at the age of 1 to lie down in bed.

8. Keep your emergency telephone number

You should put your phone number in the refrigerator or emergency accidents may happen, because at any moment, I would not have enough spirit or time to find some important information I need. You need to be ready to be careful. This helps to save time and to maintain peace. Your emergency phone numbers, including a children’s doctor, hospital, emergency

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